Small Enough To Listen and Big Enough To Deliver

Small Enough To Listen and Big Enough To Deliver



At Ashlar Construction LLC, we have an excellent team to ensure we deliver better than what you expect. We are capable of handling every aspect of your project – from conceptualizing and designing to building. We build strong and durable structures, ensuring safety and quality, whether it’s for your home or a shopping mall. Our company conforms to all construction norms and laws to avoid uninvited troubles, or mishaps. We make both, residential and commercial buildings. We also offer preconstruction services.

Our Services

  • Construction- homes, multi-family housing, apartment buildings, restaurants, retail shopping centers and more.
  • Masonry Services
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Purchasing, renovating, and developing new construction projects

Scope of Services

Preconstruction Services

It is the phase of developing a solution based on the cost, time and quality goals that are established in the strategic phase of the project.

  • Conceptual Phase Activities
  • Develop Project needs and set goals (Define a Win)
  • Develop Master Schedule
  • Design Development Activities
  • Establish General Conditions
  • Prepare RFQ for Design Team
  • Correlate and review results for Design Team Selection

Construction / Occupancy Services

After the pre-construction is complete, we enter the construction phase in which we award the contract to the Trade Contractors who will perform the work.

  • Bidding and Award Phase
  • Construction Phase
  • Close-out
     • Prepare close-out list